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The Courts in Hillsdale County have now moved to Phase IV. Read All Courts COVID-19 document


All individuals who attend court hearings (including treatment courts), screenings, interviews, etc. in person must wear a mask at all times. This will include prospective jurors. This will also include staff at a minimum of when staff is dealing with the public. Hillsdale County is currently considered at “substantial” risk for the Delta variant by the CDC and both the State Court Administrative Office and our health department have indicated that because of this, masks must be required indoors until further notice. This applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.


Please contact District Court at 517-437-7329 before appearing in person for any proceeding other than a preliminary examination.

If you require accommodations to use the court because of a disability, or if you require a foreign language interpreter to help you fully participate in court proceedings, please contact the court immediately to make arrangements.

General guidelines for participation in a remote court hearing:

  • Download and become familiar with the program being used for the hearing, and test the video, microphone, and speaker controls.
  • If you are having technical issues, please review any technical support provided by the program or application.
  • Find a space that will have as few interruptions as possible. If you will be using video, make sure there is good lighting.
  • The remote court hearing is a court proceeding and therefore an extension of the courtroom — appropriate conduct and attire is required. The judge has control over the proceedings and participants as if they were present in the actual courtroom.
  • The information on the Notice of Hearing with Remote Participation form to join the remote hearing may only be used by you to participate in the hearing.

Eviction Diversion Program (EDP)

Help for tenant and landlords to resolve eviction cases without the need for a trial before a Judge. Click to read details about the EDP mediation services that District Court 2B provides in partnership with Southeastern Dispute Resolution Services, Legal SErvices of South Central Michigan, Community Action Agency & Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.

Expungement Information

Michigan law on expungements has changed. It is now easier to set aside a greater number and more types of convictions.

The following resources are provided as a resource and by clicking on the links below, you understand that you are leaving the County of Hillsdale web site and you agree that neither Hillsdale County nor the 2B District Court are responsible for the accuracy of the content.

Notice of Hearing and Remote Participation

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, on April 7, 2020 the Michigan Supreme Court implemented Administrative Order 2020-6 which expanded the authority of judicial officers to conduct proceedings remotely. You may This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive your Notice of Hearing and Remote Participation which include Guidelines for participation in remote hearings and technical instructions for participating in the remote hearing.

Advice of Rights & Plea Information

The Advice of Rights and Plea Information advises you of your rights during arraignment. Click the link that pertains to your hearing before your arraignment. Questions and concerns will be addressed at your hearing.

Online Docket & Video Court Hearings

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Click to view District Court 2b Online Docket hosted by the State of Michigan SCAO/JIS.

 In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, on April 7, 2020 the Michigan Supreme Court implemented Administrative Order 2020-6 which expanded the authority of judicial officers to conduct proceedings remotely. AO 2020-6 is designed to help courts manage remote proceedings, including:

  • Allowing for confidential communication between a party and their lawyer;
  • Providing access to the public during the proceeding or immediately after via a video recording, unless the proceeding is closed or limited by court rule or statute; and,
  • Recording of the proceeding must be sufficient to produce a verbatim written transcript.

If you have questions about the posted video court proceedings for District Court 2b, please call (517) 437-7329.

District Court YouTube Channel for court hearings conducted through Zoom.

Click to read County of Hillsdale COVID-19 Court Services Information by Chief Judge Sara Lisznyai (6/21/2021)

Click to read COVID-19 Precautionary Measures for Prospective Jurors.

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