U.C.C Fees

Act No. 348 Public Acts of 2000
Part 5 - Filing
Effective January 1, 2005

Filings *

All debtors names, per filing $30.00 standard filing fee

* Fees apply to all UCC1 and UCC3 filings, including terminations

The above fees do not apply to a mortgage that is effective as a financing statement filed as a fixture filing or as a financing statement covering as extracted collateral or timber to be cut under Section 9502(3)-recording and satisfaction fees that otherwise would be applicable to the record of the mortgage apply.

What is filed with the Register? MCL Sec. 440.9501

  • As extracted collateral
  • Timber to be cut
  • Fixture filings

Documents filed with the Register of Deeds shall be recorded in the real property records contained in section 47 to 1846 RS 65, MCL 565.47, notwithstanding the provisions for witnessing and acknowledgment.